Friday, October 11, 2013

What Is It Mean To Be “Me”?

                 Every single day that we are living in is always meant for something to happen, for better or worse, whether we wish for it or not. Tons of experiences and never-be-forgotten happenings makes our life more colorful regardless of which color have been put into drawings by those life experiences. It can been bright colors that make our life more fun, cheerful and make our heart more settle or the vice versa, less-bright colors that make life seems so gloomy, but not less filled with the learning of wisdom. Each color with no doubt contributes to what we have become today.
                As life can be described as a never-ending experience, so does the learning process itself that will determine who we are going to be in the future and what characters will be drawn in our self-canvas. This process have taken place and still taking place in everybody’s life crossing the boundary of age. This, of course have mostlikely shattered the common believe that only teenagers and youths that are dwelling with the process of finding their true identity. The difference between youths and the elder is on the way they deal with every happening they cross by in life. The elder with more wisdoms and more experiences they have been through, can be wiser, calmer and see things from a wider perspective. Means that they are not so eagerly to judge something as right or wrong, bad or good and can see better through the meaning of a happening. Meanwhile, younger people might be more eager in giving judgement and more emotional in dealing with things. But some extraordinary people can give no less widom than the elder since they are very young. Because since young age, they have aleady knew what to do and who to become.

            Now we have finally understand why it is so important to recognize who we really are and what it means to be ourself. A grasp of understanding about what kind of person we want to be in the future, will give us a life guidance in the process of our character’s formation. Because with so many different experiences and problems we are going to face and the new point of view that will be brought by them, there is no warranty that it will shape us into a better person as we are all hoping. In some cases, it makes us forget who we are, and turns us into someone else or worse, into someone we never wish to become.
                First of all, being ourself means that we are being honest to other people as well as our self about our true character. When we are able to put aside the need to put a mask to be someone else so that other people will think about us the way we want them to think. This necessities was born out of the desire to be liked by others, admired or a simple making impression purpose. In fact, other people rarely fancying to be close with a person of such character. Let’s look deeper why. When people put a mask to cover their true self, what they did was amplifying their fear to reveal their true identity. So, in every interaction, conversation or chit chat with other people, we can notice that this kind of person never actually share anything about themselves. Further interaction will show that their actions are often not consistant with their words. Person of such characters hardly can be trusted by other people because others feel like they don’t really know anything about this person and whether or not such person can be trusted with something important or private matters. So, readers can see how a person that try to impress others by being someone else end up to be a person that actually impress no one and lonely in life. But, it doesn’t mean that this kind of person is actually bad in personalities. It is only that they are trying to cover their inconfidence of what they thought to be their weaknesses. They want to be seen strong and just as stand out as the others. Their wants is no less noble, that they want to please others and make other people to like them. As human that share life with other people, we should help this kind of person by willingly become their friends, share love and friendship that they are craving so badly, and show them that there will always be people who will gladly accept them for whoever they are. We should never treat them with hatred, for enough hatred have already filled their heart. Life is so much fun and no one have to feel alone.
                  Second of all, being ourself does not simply means that we stick only to a single believe about what is the right thing to do or how to deal with problems in our personal way. It means that we are brave enough to do what our consience tells us to do as we consider those things are right. Other people may forbid us to do what we judge to be right or leading us astray, but if we are to be truly being ourself then it is our heart that will lead our action regardless of what people say. This is called as having principles in life. Every people have their own parameter to identify what is right and wrong, and their own consideration to see beyond a certain problem to determine which action will bring better result and minimize harm. Thus, the parameter varies in each individuals. In other words, we may say that every person actually have principles of their own, even the most faint-hearted person. The difference will be on how much courage does one hold to follow those principles. When we decide that we will not smoke for example, or that we will always treat people with kindness, become a good brother or sister, stay away from corruptions at work, those are when we are said to have principles. In a lot of different circumtances, we are tested. When we are overruled by anger and hatred or a simple bad mood problem, can we still smile at other people and treat them with kindness? When our need of money is dire and we are offered such an easy way out, will we let our path to bend to a malicious will? Only by believing that we are strong enough to follow our noble principles eventhough it means that we will have to take a harder different paths than other people, we will be able pass the test. “Be proud To be Different!”
               The third and the hardest thing about being ourself is on how we are brave enough to acknowledge every mistake that we make and from there, looking forward to change. As life is very dynamic and everyday we learn about something new, it is mostlikely that as we go on with our life we will also find some new truths in our journey. The development of science is best to give an example about this new truths. How we believe five hundreds years ago that the earth was the center of the universe and the sun was revoluting arround it have been proven wrong by Galileo Galilei with his telescope. It is just an example to explain that as humans are advancing into the future, they will learn a lot of new things and from it finally find the truth that they are seeking. But it is the willingness of humans to acknowledge their mistakes in the past that make them able to really accept the truth and become better in the future. The same thing applies to our life experience that teach us not to be too arrogant so that we are not blinded from what is the right thing to believe in life. As it was said earlier that life is a never-ending life experience, our seeking about the truth itself will never end.
               So, in the end of this writing we can grasp a new understanding about “What is it means to be myself?”. We understand that being ourself means that we are being honest about who we really are toward  other people as well as ourself. We are being honest that we have principles that will lead our action and that principles will apply in any circumtancess with no exception. We are also noble enough to acknowledge our mistakes if we figure that some of our principles might not be right and from that we learn to fix it in order to move forward in the future as a better person.

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