Friday, October 11, 2013

The Art of Moving On : The First Step

             Words are the most complicated things in the world. With a little magic known as“rephrase”, it will reveal a secret that anchored way too deep for anyone to see or to understand. A person may say a lot of things but actually share nothing, as well as someone that have a few words to say but filled with valuable meanings. “what” and “if” into “what if”, a word that can haunt someone for the rest of their life or the word “move” and “on” into “move on”, one of the hardest things to do in life.
              Standing alone, the word “move” might sounds familiar and natural for anyone to be able to do. An addition of another word will reveals how tricky it may get. Someone commonly feels the necessity to move on right after something bad or tragic happen. The deffinition of bad or tragic can varies from breaking up with girlfriend or boyfriend, failing in career, until the extent of loosing someone we hold dear. The difference in interpretation itself is not the issue as all come from the believe that everyone must continue with their life at some point and grab every good opportunities for a better life in the future.
             Did, I say a better life? Yes, like it or not the ability to move on is related to happiness itself. Happiness is the best parameter to measure the quality of life. It is very relative depends on the person who become the subject, and that is why I call it best. Human is a very unique and distinct creature from one and another, so it is only right to also use the most unique and distinct parameter to measure the quality of someone’s life.
           Why is it hard to move on? Moving on means not only that we accept what has happen to us but also letting it go as it is. It is simply hard because the truth or facts are not always fun to be known as well as to be accepted. The first rule about moving on is that, regardless how hard it is, no one have the rights to tell other people when is the right time to move on. Forgetting what happen in the past is easy but to completely overcome the guilt, anger, or hatred that it caused is something else. And to do that, someone must decide by it’s consience call. Only then he/she will know when is the right time to forget, forgive and emerge as a stronger individual.
              Some may choose to escape and some are struggling to overcome a bitter experience. If you watch movies a lot, you may think think that escape from the past is always identical as being a coward. Well, you are not wrong but not necessarily right either. Depends on how your self-translation give meaning toward “escape”. Going somewhere far, put some distance and starting a new life can be an effective way. It is quiet suggested to be honest, as long as the main intention is purely to recover and forget the unbearable past. Be sure we have already paid all debt and responsibility that turn out to be ours. Not escaping from a responsibility after what we have done. Bussiness is bussiness, so does responsibility. It haunts like a ghost driven by an unfinished bussiness. Therefore, the intention to move on is just like a dry leaves blown by shivering early spring wind. It will be hard to grab. Even so, it is still best to overcome what happen and continue life as it was before. Meaning that you are bold enough to take a strong stance that those happening will not make a burden for you. Or if it is, then you prove that you are strong enough to bear that. Those life-dumbell will make your heart even stronger as you are trained to take steps everyday carrying those on your shoulder.
            Forcing ourself to move on too fast is like pointing a gun in front of our face. We can hold it for a while, but eventually we are only waiting when it will go off again. There are a lot of people who feel like they can’t even understand themself. So, it is least wise for other people to act like knowing everything about a person. The best can be done after all is trying to care and understand. Moving on is indeed important to be done, but for that take your time to feel, reflect, learn, and decide when is the right time to take one step ahead.
            Life is like running in a repeated track. It is not solely on the matter of how you rush yourself toward the finish line. What matter is that you can actually make it to the finish line and be prepared to step forward onto the next lap. Humans heart is fragile from the beginning. How to make it stronger, we decide. And in every decision, it is always best to think over it first before taking any action, because some things just do not have undo button. So, take your time and use it with wisdom.

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