Sunday, October 13, 2013

God’s Greatest Gift : “Freewill”

               Life is like driving a car. We can go everywhere we want to and always have the choice whether we will go by the rules or not. Of course, there will be consequences if we choose to break the rules on the road, but isn’t life also all about dealing with consequences? The important thing is that the freedom to decide and to choose have always been on our hand since the beginning whether we realize it or not. Sometimes, when the traffic light turned red we feel like there is no other choice other than to stop. Or may be, when we stuck in traffic jam it seems like there is no other way other than wait for it to unravel. This is called a boundary. For sure, everybody have a boundary in their life. A solid brick wall that we feel impossible to break through. But, life boundaries are different than the real brick wall. Instead of being grounded in a solid foundation, life boundaries are planned in our mind. What we often forget is that this boundaries can extent to unlimited distance. The question is on how much efforts have we put to push this imaginary wall.

               The freedom to choose and decide can not be taken from our hands, unless we give it up. We can wish and dreams almost about everything in ourlife, and the freedom to bring it into reality have always been ours. This is called free-will. With this God’s greatest gift, we can almost do and achieve anything in life, limited to what boundaries we have in mind. When we bumped into  problems or confused in an intersection, we are actually being tested whether we will still have a strong hold onto our believe or let those problems lead us astray. Every problem and consequences we have today is the result of yesterday’s decision. But, that does not mean that we have made a wrong decision or taking a wrong turn at that intersection. There is no right or wrong in making a decision. There is only harder and easier path to cross or shorter and longer road to travel. Either way takes us into the same destination. Be eager to make a choice, because it has never been too late.

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